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An incredibly disturbing trend is persisting in Australia and now, in even worse news, has spread to two other countries. Some lunatics are hiding needles in strawberries and other fruit at grocery stores. Needles have been found in produce not only in grocery stores all across Australia but also in stores in Singapore and New Zealand.

From Business Insider:

Strawberries containing sharp metal or needles have reportedly been discovered in New Zealand and Singapore — the first reports outside Australia, where officials say more than 100 people have reported finding them during September.

Officials say there have been over 100 reports, across every Australian state, of needles and sharp metal objects hidden in strawberries, an apple, a banana, and a mango, since a man in Queensland reported finding a needle in a strawberry on September 9.

What is this? The level of psycho you have to be to do something like this is off the charts. It’s disheartening enough that there’s one person out there cruel and lost enough to stick needles in strawberries, it’s downright terrifying that there are apparently dozens of people spanning the South Pacific who enjoy the idea of innocent strangers — children included — swallowing needles. Come on, humanity.

What’s worse is that authorities have only found one person responsible so far, a “young person” who said he did it as a prank.

A prank!? Listen kids, I love a good prank. Getting someone to swallow needles isn’t a prank, it’s an episode of CSI. A prank is leaving a package on someone’s front door labeled “Dog Poop” and then when they get it they’re like, “What there’s no way this is dog poop” and then they take it in their house and open it and lol the box is actually filled with dog poop. That’s great. Needles in strawberries is serial killer stuff.

So far the tampered with produced has been found in Woolworth’s in Australia, Countdown in New Zealand, and Sheng Siong and FairPrice in Singapore.

Australian authorities have assured anyone doing this that they plan on fully throwing the book at them. The sentence can be anywhere from 10 to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

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