Sam Adonis (born Sam Polinsky) had a dream that resonates with many American youngsters: to become a professional wrestler. However, the American market is flooded with oiled-up super-athletes with bulging muscles, and Adonis believes that the golden age of American professional wrestling has passed. And so Sam decided to go south, all the way down to Mexico, in hopes of pursuing his dream of reaching the big time as a professional wrestler.

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His move came at about the same time that Donald Trump became a serious presidential contender (he says at that time he got the president’s face airbrushed on his tights), and since Adonis had no qualms playing “the bad guy,” he chose a recognizable villain: Trump supporter. The wrestler told NPR, “I can’t say I support [Trump] […] but I’m thankful he’s in the position he’s in, because it’s putting more money in my pocket.”

Before his matches, Sam races into the ring donned in a red, white and blue t-shirt with the sleeves removed and an American flag bearing the half-smiling face of America’s leader. And with his new persona, Adonis has taken the Mexican wrestling world by storm, performing in some of the biggest arenas in the nation. Adonis told the Wrestling Mayhem Show that he’s a Pittsburgh native and that wrestling has “defined who [he’s] been” for his entire life. In his case that’s especially true since his older brother is WWE wrestler-turned-announcer Corey Graves. A Pittsburgh Tribune column from January of 2016 stated that Sam has chased his dream to Tampa, Liverpool and finally Mexico City.

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Adonis stated that his Trump-touting character arouses “genuine emotion,” and “people are actually offended,” something that he feels is increasingly rare in the uber-commercialized American professional wrestling world. However, Mexico’s premier Trump ‘fan’ has no plans of slowing down; the 27-year-old said that he’s going to keep with the shtick as long as it works.

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