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If you’re in the United Kingdom and you’re a KFC fan, you’ve had plenty of reason to be upset lately. The franchises across the pond have been suffering from a “chicken shortage,” which has led some of their locations to temporarily close.

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But, the company recently offered a cheeky apology to their faithful customers, and people are loving it.

The memes are now everywhere.

The apology features a bucket of the famous chicken with the company’s logo rearranged to spell “FCK”–which is only a letter away from an expletive.

While people were initially pretty angry at the American chicken eatery for their explanation, their apology is winning some customers back:

Thankfully for the restaurant’s hungry fans, the chicken shortage seems to be winding down. In a tweet, the company wrote, “We always had chicken, it was just stuck at the depot. Now it’s in restaurants, go eat it.”

But, before they came back, the Brits were getting really, really upset about the setback. So much so that they were calling the police and one British police station had to ask residents not to call the cops just because there’s no C in their local KFC:

KFC’s managers and representatives were also getting pretty desperate, going to local butchers and begging to buy all the chicken they had. But the butchers weren’t having it.

Thankfully, the chicken shortage is now something that the British will only talk about with displeasure, not experience.


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