Peruvian prisoner drugged his own twin in “Arrested Development”-style jail break plot


A Peruvian prisoner was recaptured just 13 months after he pulled a jailbreak straight out of a television show.

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Alexander Delgado was convicted of child sexual abuse and robbery and sentenced to 16 years in a prison near Lima. During that time, Delgado received visits from his twin brother, Giancarlo.

Proving that his brotherly bond meant very little beyond personal advantage, Delgado thought to use the personal visits for his grand escape.

Last January, Delgado poisoned his brother, took his clothes and walked out of the prison. He remained on the run for 13 months before he was rearrested.

The trick didn’t work for long when authorities used fingerprints on Delgado’s brother. It was then that sis brother was arrested, initially believed to have willingly played a part in the escape.

His brother was eventually cleared of the charges.

As noted, a similar scenario played out in an episode of Fox and Netflix’s “Arrested Development.”

While in a courthouse bathroom, George Bluth Sr. managed to drug his twin brother, Oscar. He shaved his brother’s tresses to mirror his own look and escaped through a window.

But unlike Delgado’s case, Oscar’s fingerprints were burned using a Bluth family invention — the cornballer.

When asked why he escaped, Delgado said, “because I was desperate to see my mother.”

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