Police in the United Kingdom are investigating a secondary school teacher who allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with a student in an airplane bathroom.

In 2015, Eleanor Wilson, 28, reportedly became close with a male student during a school trip to Geneva, Switzerland. During their flight home, the pair was seen flirting and drinking alcohol. They then allegedly went to the bathroom where they had unprotected oral sex and sexual intercourse. Once back in England, reports say Wilson continued to meet with the student one-on-one and took him out on dates for several months.

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In September of that year, the school became aware of the allegations against Wilson and interviewed her about them. However, there was no corroborating evidence, so no action was taken at the time. In March of 2016, another student reportedly blackmailed Wilson, telling her that he would inform the school of her past actions unless she “engaged in sexual conduct” with him.

Wilson was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct and conduct that may bring the profession into disrepute by a National College for Teaching and Leadership panel, which determined that she had also tried to cover up the relationship. She was then fired from her position.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children spoke out about the incident in a statement:

As a teacher, Wilson was trusted by parents, her school and the local community to prioritise pupils’ welfare and wellbeing, but instead she abused this trust for her own sexual gratification. Teachers have a key role in safeguarding, but this hearing has highlighted significant shortcomings in Wilson’s approach to this over an extended period of time. Her behaviour fell a long way short of expectations, and it is right that she has faced the consequences.

On Thursday morning, police confirmed that they had opened inquiries into the case.

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