Residents of a quaint English town got the shock of their lives when a tank pulled up at the gas station Huffington Post/Screenshot

Tanks need gas too, right? And where better to get gas for your tank than at the gas station?

Well, that’s what a couple of British blokes did. The tank, described as a British CVR(T) Scorpion Light Tank, barreled down the streets of Kettering in central England with the British flag flapping in the wind.

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It eventually reached the gas station and pulled right up alongside the ordinary cars. One fellow asked its driver, Andy, how much it normally costs “to fill your tank.” The answer was something close to $625. This time, Andy decided to add just a bit of fuel.

The video of this most unusual fill-up first appeared in 2015 on the YouTube channel TankNutDave. It recently resurfaced and has gone viral all over again.

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If you like that clip of a tank driving to a gas station, you might liked this one of a tank casually driving through Piccadilly Circus in London in 2014.

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