A British restaurant incurred the wrath of the local health board after they served food on wooden boards instead of plates.

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The restaurant, Ibrahim’s Grill and Steak House Ltd, was fined £50,000 after a case was filed. A group of 14 people claimed that they got food poisoning from the eatery in October 2016, and the health inspectors determined that the wooden plates were “incapable of being cleaned,” according to a local website, Birmingham Updates.

The health inspectors reportedly had a number of problems with the restaurant. Rather than hand washing, employees relied on disposable plastic gloves when cleaning. In addition, the cleaning chemicals on hand were not being used “in accordance with manufacturer instructions,” per a tweet from the city council.

After a lengthy court battle, the restaurant entered a guilty plea. Mark Croxford, who heads the environmental health department of the Birmingham City Council added, “It is completely unacceptable for businesses to put the health of people eating at their restaurants at risk.”


A Twitter user pointed out that using wooden cutting boards might be okay but serving food on the planks is definitely a no-no.

Apparently, the “wooden plates” debate is a pretty big issue – there’s even a Twitter account (aptly named “we want plates”) determined to end the trend. That account has almost 150,000 followers, and its timeline is full of images of food served on things other than plates.

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