Ryanair passenger gets tired of waiting on runway—and winds up on plane’s wing

man climbs on plane wing

We’ve all been pretty fed up with air travel at one point in our lives, but none of us have ever gotten to the point of one Polish man who decided to climb out of the plane.

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In a video of the incident that has quickly gone viral, the 57-year-old man climbs out to the wing of the plane while it’s sitting on the tarmac. The wild scene occurred on New Year’s Day at an airport in Malaga — a city in the south of Spain.

Fernando del Valle Vllalobos was also on the plane and managed to capture the unidentified passenger’s attempted escape. He told the Associated Press “I was astonished” and that the other passengers were standing in the aisle when the man “very calmly asked permission to get past, opened the emergency exit, looked out, saw the wing, went back for his backpack.” Later, the pilot asked the man why he’d decided to venture out on the wing and Fernando says that he heard the man say he was sick of waiting inside.


The ground crew managed to talk the impatient flyer off the wing and he returned to the cabin. The plane was already delayed an hour when the man opened the emergency exit and even after his little stunt, passengers were still forced to wait another 30 minutes, the Sunday Post reports. However, their most daring passenger didn’t get to take to the skies–the police arrested him soon after he climbed back inside.

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A spokesperson for Ryanair told the Sunday Post “Malaga airport police immediately arrested the passenger in question and since this was a breach of Spanish safety and security regulations, it is being dealt with by the Spanish authorities.”

The internet had quite the joke with the unusual antics, but most people agreed that it definitely wasn’t the best idea he could have come up with.

And, of course, somebody made a “Twilight Zone” reference…

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