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Imagine divorcing your wealthy spouse and being awarded $122,858 a month in spousal support, plus a one-time payment of $1,262,121. Not bad right?

Not for socialite Tracey Hejailan-Amon, 47, who claims the amount simply isn’t enough to support her extravagant lifestyle, reports Page Six.

Leading up to the divorce, Hejailan-Amon allegedly took a blowtorch to her husband’s Maurice Alain Amon’s safe and ruined his priceless art collection. Amon, 64, inherited his wealth from his family’s Swiss currency-printing fortune. The family produces the ink that’s used in official paper currencies the world over, including U.S. bills.

Hejailan-Amon continues to battle her estranged husband in the Monaco court that awarded her the seemingly handsome settlement that amounts to 100,000 euros each month, plus a back payment of 1,027,301 euros.

The blowtorch incident allegedly happened after Hejailan-Amon lost the key to the couple’s safe in Paris and decided the best way to get into it was via high heat, the New York Post reports. That plan reportedly backfired badly, as Amon claimed it left artwork valued at about $25 million coated in “toxic dust.”

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As for the settlement, it was determined by Hejailan-Amon’s lifestyle, which included such luxuries as year-round private plane and yacht travel, residences in Switzerland, London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York City, the latte of which is a Fifth Avenue apartment that Page Six reports is worth $22 million. However, she claims it won’t do because she burns through some 400,000 euros a month — nearly $500,000.

Of course Amon, said to be worth $1.4 billion, complains that the settlement is too large, especially when taken into consideration that he gave Hejailan-Amon $50 million in gifts during the eight years they were married, including two London properties, a Swiss chalet, a boat, a Ferrari and $10 million worth of jewelry.

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The battle is also being waged over jurisdiction. Amon wants the divorce heard in Monaco, which often sides with the wealthier spouse, while Hejailan-Amon wants it heard in New York, where she believes she can get more money.

Her designer shoe collection is also involved in this war of the roses.

According to her attorney, Hejailan-Amon “maintains that she was never domiciled in Monaco … [Amon] contends that Tracey’s shoe collection … was in the Monaco home and this constitutes proof that she was a Monaco domiciliary. This case is a ‘shoe-in’ for the record books in Monaco — it’s well beyond the ‘War of Roses,’ it’s the ‘War of Louboutins.'”

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