Soccer game interrupted by snowball fight between spectators — and we loved it


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It was no typical soccer match fight on Friday when Scottish fans of St. Mirren and Dundee United squared off. Instead of a brawl, fans of the two teams picked up snowballs and began lobbing them at each other, according to Mashable.

Video of the snowball fight — which one fan said was “better than the game” — has gone viral.

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The match almost didn’t happen at all. Paisley, Scotland,  like much of the United States, is in the grip of a wintry blast. After a bout of blizzard conditions, volunteers and the stadium’s hardworking crew helped clear the stadium and the pitch so that the game could go on.

But they didn’t get all the snow, clearly, even though St. Mirren’s Paisley stadium has a heating system to melt snow for games like these.

Mashable reports that not even the anchors manning the press box were safe from fans, with snowballs targeting Alex Rae and Ally McCoist. Rae, ESPN reports, may have been a particularly juicy target for fans; while he’s a sports commentator now, he was a St. Mirren coach first.

St. Mirren won the match 2-0, BBC reported, placing them at the top of the Scottish Championship.

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