A man’s friend realized after it was too late that he unknowingly engaged in the theft of his neighbor’s cat.

Clarke Gayford posted a picture of the cat his friend believed to be his own and his friend’s actual cat, which apparently made its way back to the house all on its own.

Gayford explained that his friend picked up the cat from the veterinarian and left it in the room to recover for five days. Around the time his friend brought the cat home, a neighbor stopped by to ask if anyone saw her cat. Gayford’s friend, not knowing at the time that he had the wrong animal, told her that he only had his cat in the house.

Halfway through telling the story, Gayford remembered that his friend’s cat was a girl while the neighbor’s cat was a boy. It was a strange thing for the vet to confuse considering…well, the obvious.

Unfortunately for the neighbor’s cat, Gayford’s friend told the vet that the cat was acting weird. The vet prescribed anti-anxiety medication. Gayford exclaimed that his friend not only kidnapped a cat but accidentally drugged it!

Needless to say, the neighbor noticed something was up when her cat was finally returned.

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The story was too much for people to handle.

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Spot the difference: Friend recounts awkward tale of mistaken cat identity @NZClarke/Twitter
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