When your holiday recipe goes terribly, horribly wrong, and you know it has gone terribly, horribly wrong, it’s probably a good idea not to subject your friends — or this case, your co-workers — to the inedible goods.

Last year, that advice was not heeded by reporter Leslie Horton on the Canadian program “Global News Calgary.” Horton brought her holiday artichoke dip on set during a live segment, and although she knew the dish had gone off badly, she still made the show’s other hosts sample the rotten snack.

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel was the first to try the dip after Horton spooned it onto a cracker. After inspecting it for a bit, Witzel inserted the entire thing into his mouth — and near instantly began to regret it.

“Is it edible?” co-anchor Scott Fee asked.

“It’s not that bad,” Witzel said, initially. “It’s — the vinegar.”

Uh, vinegar?

“But there’s no vinegar in there!” Horton retorted.

At that point, Witzel basically gagged, reached for a towel on the floor in front of him and proceeded to spit out the dip.

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While Fee smartly did not taste the concoction, co-anchor Amber Schinkel did. She tried to hide the sheer displeasure of the experience, but finally cracked.

“It burns,” she said.

“It’s artichoke dip, but something went terribly wrong,” Horton said.

And then, finally, the truth for the rancid artichoke was revealed.

Horton used pickled artichokes. As a viewer tweeted to Horton, “just regular canned artichokes are ideal for that dip!

Horton tweeted: “Apparently the key is NOT use pickled artichokes!!”