The first born son of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro Jr. or Fidel “Fidelito” Castro Díaz-Balart, committed suicide on Thursday morning, Cuban government sources confirmed according to reports.

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He had reportedly been seeking medical attention for the past several months and had slipped into a “deep depression.”  No other details surrounding Castro Jr.’s death have been formally released at this time, and it’s currently unclear how he took his life.

“His delicate health situation required hospitalization and then ultimately continued with outpatient follow-ups as he reincorporated himself back into society,” a reporter said on Cuban television.

Castro Jr. was the eldest son of the late political leader who transformed Cuba into the first communist country in the Western Hemisphere. After handing over his power for health reasons in 2006 and then formally relinquishing the presidency two years later, Castro eventually passed away in 2016 and left his brother Raul Castro in charge. Castro Jr., who was serving as scientific adviser to the Cuban government and vice president of the country’s Academy of Sciences, follows his father’s passing by just a little over a year at the age of 68.

The father and son shared a special bond, but apparently things between the two got a bit shaky before their deaths, according to CNN’s Cuba correspondent Patrick Oppmann.

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“Fidel ‘Fidelito’ Castro Díaz-Balart was both his father’s namesake and cousin to the Miami exile politicians who bitterly opposed Castro,” he explained in Twitter. “He had run Cuba’s nuclear power program until a dispute with his father. Castro Díaz-Balart committed suicide today, per Cuban state media.”

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