This guy’s selfie video as a train roared by went horribly wrong, and he’s lucky to be alive

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A young man’s selfie stunt with a moving train took a dangerous turn in India, and he’s lucky to be alive, The Indian Express reports.

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R Shiva Kumar, 25, took a selfie video that shows the oncoming train approaching him as he smiles and points at it.

The engineer of the train kept sounding the horn, but Kumar kept on filming, assuming he was far enough away from the track to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, he had misjudged the distance, and the video shows the train striking him at a dangerous speed. While Kumar’s video goes dark at that point, the sounds of his friends rushing to him can be heard.

The Government Railway Police in India released the footage to the public, perhaps hoping it would deter others thinking of getting to close to a train. It has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms.

Editor’s Note: Footage may be disturbing to some viewers.

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Authorities said Kumar was severely hurt in the incident, but given the speed and size of the train in the video, he was fortunate to escape with his life.

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“He did not realize the danger he was in and ignored the furious honking by the loco pilot who tried to warn him off,” Dasya Naik, Sub-Inspector, Nampally, Telangana State Railway Police, said. “The train hit him and he was thrown away from the track. He received serious injuries on right hand, head and chest, but is out of danger now.”

But if you think Kumar is the only person to have messed around too close to trains, you’d be wrong.

Check out this person, who actually thought it a good idea to lie down on the tracks.

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