Kaila Methven isn’t your typical heiress — there are no arranged marriages in her future and she’s found fame on Instagram instead of Page Six.

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And technically, Methven isn’t even tied to KFC. Her South African grandfather founded Rainbow Chicken Unlimited, which once provided 90 percent of the chicken served in the colonel’s kitchen. But her grandfather died in 1986 and the business was sold in 1991, that left a pretty hefty sum for Methven but she’s been working hard on her own.

The 26-year-old boasts over 500,000 Instagram followers and runs two high-end lingerie brands, Madame Methven and LBKM.

Though she’s also the name behind the brand, Methven often poses wearing her own outfits. And she says that life hasn’t always been easy, telling Business Insider “As an ‘heiress’ I feel like any other person, just with more financial responsibilities and more stress. As with most people, the more money you have, the more problems you attain.”

The price tags on Madame Methven attire are definitely aimed at other heiresses — a bra can ring in at over $800. But the company has some big name customers, including Demi Lovato and the Kardashians.

Methven is tight-lipped about how much her brand is worth but told Business Insider that she’s soon expecting to reach between $6 and $10 million in profits.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is actually owned by Yum! Brands, which owns a number of eateries, including Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. That company is publicly traded (with stocks currently sitting over $80 a share). As for Rainbow Chicken Unlimited, they seem to have dropped off the map, but the chicken heiress-turned lingerie designer is definitely here to stay.

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