In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said President Donald Trump’s latest attacks on her and other Puerto Ricans were about “having someone to blame,” suggesting that Trump may be used to “women who have to be told what to do.”

On Saturday, Trump lit into Cruz and others in Puerto Rico who he said had been “told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump” and wanted “everything done for them,” even thought he’d acknowledged the catastrophic scale of the destruction just days before.

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Cruz said she continued to hear from mayors of other Puerto Rican cities who needed supplies, many of which have arrived on the island but have not been distributed.

She also rejected the idea that “Democrats,” none of whom Trump named in particular, had told her to “be nasty” toward the president. After saying she had not been told anything, Cruz added a simple reason for it: she’s not one of them.

“I am not a Democrat,” said Cruz. “I share values with the Democratic Party in the United States, but I do not participate in the Democratic Party.”

“It’s interesting,” she added, “Senator Marco Rubio sent representatives to here … he’s not a Democrat.”

Rubio, a Republican Senator from Florida, told CBS’ “Face the Nation” this morning that “political bickering” threatened the response to Puerto Rico, an island of American citizens.

Rubio said, “[E]very minute we spend in the political realm bickering with one another over who’s doing what, or who’s wrong, or who didn’t do right is a minute of energy and time that we’re not spending trying to get the response right.”

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