Two fishermen stumbled upon an eerie yacht, but what they found inside was even spookier

Fishermen off the coast of the Philippines discovered a mummified German sailor in a drifting yacht.

The fisherman were about to call it a day when he noticed the yacht with destroyed sails. The friends went to check it out. In a report posted to Facebook, the police write they “noticed a male person lifeless subject for decomposition sitting at the right portion of the boat believe to be the radio room.”

They dragged the boat back to port and an investigation was launched. Documents identify the man as Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a 59-year-old German, but forensics could not determine when or where he died, since dry ocean winds, hot temperatures and salty air helped preserve his body.

Investigators found no signs of foul play and inspectors described Bajorat’s body position as slumped over “like he was sleeping.”

Australian news asked a forensic Egyptologist about the possibilities of Bajorat being mummified naturally on his yacht.

“All that you need is the right conditions so the body does not decompose,” she said.

“For a body to mummify naturally — so, different to the ancient Egyptians, who mummified bodies artificially — the conditions need to be dry with a bit of a breeze going through. It also helps when the body is in an enclosed area so insects do not attack the body.”

The last time Bajorat was seen alive was in 2009, but a friend claimed Bajorat contacted him through social media as recently as last year, The Telegraph reports.

Items in the yacht were scattered and no wallet was found, but other valuables were still intact. Among the documents recovered were photos of Bajorat and his wife dating back to 2008. Research showed the two separated in 2008 and she died two years later of cancer.

The last confirmed contact from Bajorat is a tribute to his wife posted on a forum for German sailors. It reads:

Thirty years we’ve been together on the same path. Then the power of the demons was stronger than the will to live. You’re gone. May your soul find its peace. Your Manfred

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