Two ticked off ostriches kickboxing in the wild took off running when an elephant put on its zebra stripes and refereed

YouTube/Caters Clips

Cut the crap, you dumb birds.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

That was basically the message sent by an elephant when it put on its zebra stripes and broke up a kickboxing match between the two angry ostriches.

YouTube/Caters Clips

While humans watched eagerly from a safe distance, wondering which tough ostrich would “get the girls,” an elephant trotted onto the scene and screamed at the pugilistic birds.

YouTube/Caters Clips

The loud, trumpet-like sound sent the birds running. The ostriches definitely got the memo and took their spat elsewhere.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Caters Clips, was filmed last year at Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, East Africa.

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“As if saying ‘enough is enough’, the ivory-clad beast lets out an almighty trumpeting roar and begins to charge towards the squabbling pair, who sensibly disperse, bringing an abrupt end to their conflict,” the uploader wrote.

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