U.K. grocery store under fire for “sexist” shopping carts

BRISTOL, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 18: Tesco shopping trolleys are stacked outside a branch of the supermarket on November 18, 2015 in Bristol, England. As the crucial Christmas retail period approaches, all the major supermarkets are becoming increasingly competitive to retain and increase their share of the market. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

U.K. grocery giant Tesco is being accused of sexism over its shopping carts

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The safety instructions on the handles of the carts show three silhouettes of a women with children.

The Sun reported how a woman from Manchester posted a complaint on Twitter with the hashtag “everyday sexism.”

“Tesco, is it only women who do the food shopping and look after the kids?” she wrote.

“The idea that shopping trolleys should be gendered in any way seems ridiculous,” claimed Samantha Rennie, executive director at equality group the Rosa UK Fund for Women and Girls. “It’s a seemingly small factor that plays a role in reinforcing stereotypical ideas of the woman being responsible for the weekly food shop,” she added.

A U.K. based campaign group called Fathers4Justice provided its two cents (or pence), when founder Matt O’Connor responded to the fiasco. “Tesco needs to stop this gender apartheid.” he said.

The grocery store chain is reportedly replacing the images with gender-neutral safety instructions.

“Everyone’s welcome at Tesco, which is why we’ve been changing the icons on our trolleys to use a new, gender-neutral design,” A Tesco spokesperson told The Sun. “The new design is already on over 20,000 trolleys and will feature on all new trolleys in the future.”


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