Shocking Video Shows Boy's Miraculous Escape After Being Run Over Facebook
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Somebody get this kid a lottery ticket or something because he is the luckiest person on the planet! A terrifying video is going viral after footage was captured of a 7-year-old boy being run over in the Chembur area of Mumbai in India. The boy is seen playing soccer on the street with friends near a row of parked cars and bends down to tie his shoelaces. CCTV footage shows a female entering a van, backing up of her packing space, and without realizing the boy was on the floor she proceeds to go forward.

The boy was out of the driver’s sight and she crashed into the startled boy, speeding her way through. The boy is seen rolling under the vehicle on his back, showing up on the other side, miraculously unharmed and immediately gets up and runs his friends to continue playing.

What shocked me the most of this whole incident was the fact that NOBODY seemed to noticed what happened. But, minutes later, the boy is seen crouching down on the floor in pain, after what only can be described as the adrenaline leaving his body. The other boys gather around the 7-year-old and is scooped up by an older boy into his arms and carries him off.

The video was later shared by an owner of the CCTV to warn parents of the danger of children paying one street unattended. The video went viral on several social media platforms, where many are blaming the callous driver for failing to check her surrounding. The video was dated September 24th and was installed at a hosting society at Nagar in Ghatkopar. The high ground clearance on the vehicle is believed to be the reason the boy miraculously escaped.

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