We can’t get over that time the “Human Ken Doll” brought his ribs with him on TV

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Rodrigo Alves, 34, has put in a lot of work to be dubbed the “Human Ken Doll.” In fact, he’s clocked in at 60 plastic surgeries.

The aftermath of a few of his surgeries have even been televised.

There’s that time he appeared on an episode of E!’s “Botched” out of fear that he’d lose one of his body parts.

There, he was told by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif that a MRSA infection from one of his surgeries could mean that he’d lose his nose forever. The doctor added that it was “one of the worst results and complications” he’d seen in his entire career.

But things apparently looked up for Alves as he recently appeared on “This Morning,” nose intact, after getting a few more modifications.

Alves showed off his latest look, made possible by the surgeon who removed four of his ribs.

He explained that he originally wanted six ribs removed, but that he couldn’t find a doctor to perform the procedure. Instead, he settled for having two more ribs than originally desired.

When asked why he got the surgery done, he said it was to fit into his suits better and apologized to his tailor for no longer needing the service.

Alves also brought his ribs with him to show the audience at home.

From his research and his doctor’s understanding, he was the first man to undergo the procedure.

He later said that he’s content with where he is and credited plastic surgery for changing his life.

Alves told US Weekly in 2015 that he wanted his story to bring awareness to the potential dangers of plastic surgery.

“Plastic surgery is so in demand and I’m trying to educate people, because I’ve made my share of mistakes in the past,” he said. “I have only had to have this amount of plastic surgery because a few of them did not go well.”

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