McDonald's drive-thru fast food (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

A father-son outing to a McDonald’s in England turned into an embarrassing situation when the 3-year-old boy discovered some “mature” content while playing on one of the restaurant’s games machines, the Mirror reports.

All of a sudden, the tot named Dylan was staring back at a screen advertising a dating site featuring “Mature Women Who Always Say Yes” with a red click button luring the user to “Find Women.”

The dad, Paul Hodder, was taking out his son to celebrate his recovery from chicken pox. They ordered their food and sat down at one of the tables with a gaming machine. All was normal as Dylan started playing games such as “Granny Smith.”

It was then, Hodder said, that things took a stunningly adult turn as he noticed a sexy ad showing a woman in a short black dress perched on a bed. Paul told the Mirror that the ad was for dating website called Lay Matures. Hodder quickly turned off the machine.

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When the ad appeared a second time, Hodder said he told the manager on duty, who supposedly changed the settings to keep the adult material off the boy’s screen. But Hodder said it didn’t work.

“The second time it happened, I took a picture of it and showed the manager. The young lad was very apologetic, changed the settings on the tablet and said it should be fine, but then it happened again.”

As Dylan got through another level in the game he was playing, yet another risqué ad popped on the screen, which the Mirror described it as “a model straddling a banister and pressed suggestively against a decorative knob.”


“The final time the ad came up, the manager ended up disabling the tablet. This isn’t what you want, or expect, your child to see there.”

At first, Hodder told the Mirror that he thought it was funny the ad popped up, but then, from a parental standpoint, he started to wonder, what the heck?

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“Dylan looked confused when it popped up, pointed at the screen and said, ‘What’s that lady doing?'” Hodder recalled. “It’s unacceptable. Who knows how many other children might have seen this? When I saw the second ad pop up, the advert with the woman on the handrail pressed up against the knob, I was pretty disgusted.”


Hodder then explained that the bigger issue might have been that youngsters might this stuff and more how parents would have to explain it.

“My main concern is that children would see this inappropriate content, and their parents would end up putting themselves in an awkward position having to explain what it is,” he told The Mirror.

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