A man in India apparently wasn’t interested in the parting aspect of the phrase “’til death do us part.”

Shankar Rai of Birsingpur village was bitten by a snake Saturday night and awoke Sunday to find that his condition had deteriorated, according to GulfNews India.

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Rai, who likely realized he didn’t have much longer to live, proclaimed to his wife, Amiri Devi, how much he loved her before biting her on her hands and expressing that he wanted them to die together.

The couple lost consciousness before they were rushed to a nearby hospital, according to GulfNews India.

Doctors were able to treat and save Devi, but Rai did not survive.

“He told me he loved me too much and want to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it,” Devi told the media. “I allowed him to do so.”

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When he was bit by a poisonous snake, one man tried to make sure his wife would die alongside him AP Photo/Alan Diaz