When two teenagers started a fire at this restaurant, they got a surprising reaction from the owner Tony Avelar/ AP Photo for Whirlpool
Chef Francis Hogan of Bluestem Brasserie whips up lamb meatballs with currants and pine nuts, during a culinary series hosted by Whirlpool and House Beautiful at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in San Francisco, on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. (Tony Avelar/ AP Photo for Whirlpool)

After two teenagers started a fire at Fennel Restaurant in Scotland, the restaurant owner offered them jobs to teach them kitchen responsibility.

“I’m offering a reward. But that reward may not be what you think. To the two young lads who tried to set a fire at Fennel, I’m offering you a job,” William bird wrote on the business’s Facebook page. “Come see inside, what we do, the real lives of the men and woman who work here, whose livelihoods depend on what we do, the innocent diners, locals you put at risk. I dare you, come work for me. It’s not for the faint-hearted, takes something pretty special. Think you’re up to it, gentlemen?”

He further explained the decision to the BBC, saying, “I want to get them in for kitchen porter duties. People are all too quick to say ‘hang ’em high’ rather than make a difference and help. We can change their direction.”

However, unfortunately for one of the boys, the strong arm of the law came down on him, and he was charged for the incident. Bird gave an update on Facebook.

We then contacted the police ourselves this morning specifically to ask if they would drop the charges on the basis that this was exactly the opposite of what we hoped to achieve. Unfortunately, much to my disappointment, they said that this was not possible although did go on to explain their position. I asked if I could submit our suggestion again in writing and they said yes and added that this would be to some extent considered. I stand by my suggestion that some kind of employment (as far as permitted in law by age) would be a better response and at this stage I don’t think that’s entirely ruled out. It certainly isn’t from our point of view.

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