A woman and her disabled child were greeted by a disturbing message when they returned to their car after a shopping trip last week.

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Julie Tanner and her daughter Paige were out shopping when they got back to their car and found a note with the headline “you will be reported.”

The paper read,

You will be reported for illegal use of a Blue Badge space. I witnessed you and your young, able-bodied daughter park the car at 13:10 on 19 Feb 2018 and walk towards the precinct with no sign of a disability. This selfish action deprives a disabled person of somewhere to park.

However, the person who left the note was very mistaken about what he/she saw and Julie’s husband, Alan, took to Facebook to explain the real situation.

Alan explains that while Paige might look “able-bodied,” that’s not really the case. The 23 year old has a severe mental disability that requires one-on-one supervision at all times.

The “blue badge” is what British citizens call a disabled parking permit and it’s pretty difficult to get one. You need to have proof that you have a severe disability, according to the British website where the badges are issued. And in this case, it certainly seems that Paige and Julie belonged in that parking spot.

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