Update, October 20, 2017

After originally detaining her on suspicion of drunk driving, Ivanna Boirachuk has reportedly been cleared of “unintentional murder” in the gruesome death of her friend Natalia Borodina, who died when she made impact with a street sign while hanging out of a car window topless in the Dominican Republic. Although Boirachuk was filming the incident while driving and hit the curb at the moment of impact, a Dominican court has instead determined Borodina herself was at fault for the tragic accident.

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A woman who was driving while filming her topless friend hang out of a car window until her gruesome death has reportedly been detained by police on suspicion of drunk driving.

Natalia Borodina, 35, and Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, were vacationing in the Dominican Republic when Boirachuk filmed Borodina sticking her torso out of a car window. As they drove, Borodina’s body struck an object — at first thought to be either a lamp post or street sign — dealing her “serious injuries” and taking her life.

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Warning: this video contains graphic content.

After identifying the road sign that killed the young mother, police arrested and detained Boirachuk for drunk driving. Tire marks revealed that the dented car she had been driving at the time hit the curb at the moment of the tragedy.

The graphic footage of the accident shows Borodina riding with her naked torso out of the window before making impact with the sign. Borodina was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital but sadly passed away. Her family is now struggling to cover the cost of transporting her body home to Russia.

An investigation into the incident is reportedly ongoing.

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