Woman Who Is Obsessed With Crime Shows and Books Killed ‘Out of Curiosity’

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In South Korea, one woman took her love of true crime stories way too far. 23-year-old Jung Yoo-jung, who was allegedly a huge fan of true crime, posed as a ninth-grader and murdered a tutor.

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The young woman reportedly murdered and dismembered the tutor “out of curiosity about murder.” It was reported that Jung researched murder on the internet and extensively read crime books she found at the local library to prepare for her murderous act.

True Crime Lover Murders Tutor

To search for a potential murder victim, Jung used an app that provides parents with tutors for their school-age children. She initially contacted her victim under the guise of being a parent of a teenage girl who was interested in learning English.

While dressed as a schoolgirl, Jung walked to the tutor’s house, who has yet to be named, and stabbed the woman to death. Police told Chosun Ilbo, “Jung is short, and with the uniform on, the victim probably mistook her for a middle-school student,”

After the fatal stabbing, Jung went out and bought some bleach before coming back to her victim’s residence and dismembering the woman’s body. She then proceeded to take a taxi to the Nakdong River to dispose of her victim’s remains, which she stuffed into a suitcase. Police added, “In order to make it look like the victim had disappeared, Jung kept the victim’s mobile phone, ID card and wallet, attempting to commit a perfect crime.”

Jung was arrested after the taxi driver grew suspicious of her and called the police, who found part of the slain woman’s remains and bloodied clothes in Jung’s home. Jung initially claimed that she killed the woman in self-defense during an argument, but eventually broke down and revealed the truth during an interrogation. She said she was “really sorry for the victim’s family” and, “I think I was out of my mind.”

A police official said, “Jung also said she feels sorry for what she did. We are conducting tests to see if she is a psychopath.” It was reported that Jung was “a loner and a recluse who has been unemployed since graduating from high school five years ago.”

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