World’s tallest man meets world’s smallest woman — and we’re in awe


The world’s tallest man and the world’s shortest woman recently hung out together at Egypt’s pyramids in a bid to boost the North African nation’s struggling tourism industry — and it was absolutely adorable!

35-year-old Sultan Kosen from Turkey, who is a staggering 8 feet 3 inches tall, met with 24-year-old Jyoti Amge from India, who is just 2 feet 6 inches tall!

They hung out in front of the Giza Pyramids in Cairo last Friday and posed for photos an selfies with stunned tourists.

The pair was invited by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Kosen’s height is caused by a condition called pituitary gigantism, where the brain produces abnormally large amounts of growth hormone. Amge has a type of dwarfism known as achondroplasia.

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The tallest person ever was a man named Robert Wadlow.

Wadlow broke the record for world’s tallest man when he reached 8 feet, 11 inches in 1937.

After graduating from high school, Robert decided to cash-in on his gift by touring with the Ringling Brothers Circus. He later traveled the country as a spokesperson for the International Shoe Company, who provided Robert’s gargantuan size 37AA shoes.

Wadlow suffered from weakness and lack of sensation in his legs and feet, and as he grew he required leg braces and a cane to walk.

In 1940, a leg brace that hadn’t been correctly applied began rubbing against his ankle and caused a nasty blister, which became infected. On July 15, 1940, Robert died at the young age of 22. Eighteen days earlier, his height was recorded at 8 feet, 11.1 inches by doctors.

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