You’ll never guess the starting bid for the rope used to execute Saddam Hussein

BAGHDAD, Iraq — There is a $7.1 million bid for the rope used to used in the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

The rope is currently owned by former Iraqi national security advisor Dr. Mowaffak al-Rubaie. He was the man who walked Hussein to the gallows the day he was hanged.

The macabre item came to light after a picture circulated showing the doctor standing next to a bust of Hussein with the rope dangling around its neck.

The Daily Mail reports the photo spurred several people to contact al-Rubaie asking to buy the rope

Middle East Eye reported the doctor would like more than the current bid.

Some human rights supporters have complained. Others think any profits should become public funds.

In 2013 al-Rubaie recalled the day of the execution for The Independent.”

“I was hoping to see him show some remorse for the terrible crimes, the hundreds of thousands of his own citizens that he and his henchmen killed,” he noted.

“But there was nothing.”

The former dictator was buried at Awja in Tikrit, Iraq.


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