Assistant Principal Brutally Beaten by Students while Attempting to Stop Fight

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Footage that has now gone viral online depicts a high school principal being beaten by students while trying to break up a fight. The violent incident occurred at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas.

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The video in question depicts two girls having a fight that soon breaks out into what looks like a riot. The video soon features an individual who appears to be the assistant principal trying to intervene and stop the girls from fighting, but she finds herself a part of the violence instead. The principal falls to the ground, and one student can be heard commanding other students to kick the woman. After the principal is attacked by the girls, a mob of students swarms the scene, and the video ends.

Principal Injured After Trying to Break Up a Fight

The unidentified assistant principal was rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe headaches. It was last reported that she couldn’t speak and was receiving a CT scan. A colleague couldn’t believe what happened, telling KPRC 2 News, “She is the nicest person. She’s the best administrator that we have at Westfield High School.”

A fellow teacher who witnessed the incident also spoke to the outlet, saying, “It broke my heart. It makes me want to cry. Three or four other kids jump in on her and just pummel her to the ground, and they are kicking her and pulling her hair.”

A representative for Spring Independent School District made an official statement regarding the incident, stating, “The staff member was injured as a result of trying to de-escalate the situation…We are currently conducting a full investigation of all students involved, some of whom already have been identified for disciplinary action.” The representative added, “It is possible that additional students may be identified for disciplinary consequences. We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously, and there will be no tolerance for any altercations or disruptions to learning at any of our schools.”

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  2. Again, a lack of parenting! When children are the cause of this kind of brutality, the parents are the reason. Parents are not teaching their children respect for others, anymore. The parents are not being held responsible for the children they put in society.

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