Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay is serious about changing the way we all understand war. It’s not just what you see in movies or on the news. There’s more to service members and veterans. There are stories you don’t see. Things you’ll never know.

During his acceptance speech at the Rare Under 40 Awards in Washington, D.C., Saturday, Klay explained how even his experience with war changed how he thinks about his own citizenship. His book, “Redeployment,” was released in 2014 and was born out of Klay’s desire to add to the public conversation about war.

“There seemed such a disconnect between the Marines I knew and normal civilian life back home,” Klay told Rare. “And as I started writing, I developed friendships with members of the veteran writing community; people who were asking themselves the same sorts of questions about not just war, but about what America looks like when you get back.”

Klay is currently writing a novel and hopes to finish most of it in 2016.

Award-winning writer wants everyone to know what war is really like Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Rare
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