Beauty Queen Shocked by Microphone During Pageant: ‘She’s Getting Electrocuted!’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One beauty queen shocked the world in an electrifying moment when her turn on the stage went terrifyingly wrong. Andrea Granados Victor, who was competing in the Miss Sahuayo 2022 contest in Michoacán, Mexico on Sunday, got electrocuted by her microphone after reaching out to touch it.

Andrea Victor approached the microphone looking graceful and gorgeous. She was holding a massive feathery fan and strutted herself on the catwalk while traditional percussion music could be heard in the background. But then, things went horribly wrong. The beauty queen grabbed the microphone and right away, her body started moving erratically as it was clear she was getting shocked.

“She’s getting electrocuted, she’s getting electrocuted!” the master of ceremonies was yelling. Meanwhile, Andrea Victor, dressed in a feathery costume, couldn’t let go of the mic. She was spinning backward, struggling, before falling onto the ground. In a viral video released by The New York Post, you can see her being helped up. She was then escorted elsewhere for medical treatment.

Viral Video Shows Beauty Queen Andrea Victor Getting Electrocuted On Stage

Afterward, Ms. Victor took to her Facebook account to give concerned fans an update.

“I came back recharged, literally… hahaha,” wrote the beauty queen. “Thank you all for your messages, thank God everything is fine.”

It’s reported that Andrea Victor was only absent from the stage for about 2 minutes. Although she didn’t win the contest, she was given the honorary title of “Miss Sympathy.”

A commentator for the contest applauded Ms. Victor for her courage to return to the stage. After all, she was probably confused and scared when it happened. Not to mention how awkward it must be to be in that position — especially while wearing a costume of mostly feathers!

“That’s dedication! That’s willpower!” said the commentator. “Well Andrea, you’re a winner. You’re a warrior like the people of Sahuayo.”

“Thank God, everything is fine,” said Ms. Victor upon her stage return. “I want to share with you that after undergoing some medical tests, I can say that I feel fine. Thank God, it did not go beyond a burn.”

Maybe in the future, the host should hand each beauty queen the microphone so they don’t get electrocuted? Let’s hope this is a one-time occurrence!

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