Biden Laughs At Grieving Mother Who Lost Two Sons To Fentanyl Overdoses (Video)

President Joe Biden delivered a speech to the House Democrat Issues Caucus on Wednesday at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland.

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He spoke about a mother who recently testified in Congress after losing two sons to fentanyl overdoses. The woman’s name is Rebecca Kiessling. She lost her two sons, Caleb (20) and Kyler (18) to overdoses in July of 2020.

She criticized the lack of action at the Border, claiming that China is levying attacks on the American people using fentanyl. See a clip of her testimony below…

Joe Biden discussed this testimony at his speech, and began to laugh while talking about it. See Biden laugh at the grieving Kiessling below.

Biden used his platform as President to insult and laugh at a woman who lost her sons. He has absolutely no shame.

Since Biden has taken office, border crossings have crushed record highs. Over 1,000,000 illegal immigrants have already crossed the Southern Border since the beginning of 2023.

We remember how Biden mourned at the photos of Ukrainian soldiers who died during his visit to Kyiv last week. Biden did not laugh, or grin, or show any disrespect.

It seems that Biden saves this disrespect for the people of his own Nation.

When Biden conducted the worst military withdrawal in Afghanistan in early 2021, 13 U.S. Servicemembers were killed. While the caskets were being taken off the plane in America, Biden stood looking at his watch. See a photo of that below…

Utter contempt and disrespect for Americans. It is what this Administration is all about!

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