Biker Miraculously Survives After Being Crushed Under Bus

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In the event you needed more evidence that wearing a helmet can save a motorcyclist’s life, just look at the video of the biker whose head was run over a bus.

Actually, maybe don’t look at the video — just know that the video and still shots offer evidence that a helmet may be what saved the man’s life. Dumb luck, of course, may have also played a role.

The incident happened in India, after the man’s bike hit a bump, causing the collision with the bus. His head ended up under the tire.

While his helmet came partially off, those in the know suspect it greatly helped the initial impact and kept him alive. Amazingly, he gets back on his feet following the accident, slowly walking away with the assistance of some fellow citizens.

Biker Miraculously Survives After Being Crushed Under Bus

As one user commented, “The company that makes that helmet simply has to make this video its entire marketing campaign.”

Man, ain’t that the truth?

As you can see, the man’s head hit the rear tire, before the bus comes to a stop. Fortunately, it didn’t run over his head, or that would’ve been all she wrote, helmet or not.

But without the helmet, the initial impact may have been enough to end his days. This man probably drove to a church after the incident said his prayers and called it a day. Talk about blind, and amazing luck.

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