Bill Maher hopes new Democratic leadership will mean choosing someone with “balls”

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On Friday night’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” guest Seth MacFarlane expressed his concern that in choosing new leadership, Democrats may try to counter Donald Trump by nominating a celebrity instead of “trying to tug things back in the direction of civility and dignity and nobility.”

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Host Bill Maher then posed the question, “Can’t we split the difference and just get balls? Can we have somebody ballsy?”

Guest Asra Nomani, a Muslim American, admitted that she voted for President Trump and explained that choice by calling out liberals who “lost” on Islam and identity politics. She also expressed fears that Democrats will “go to the extreme” and hopes that they’ll choose someone who is  “realist” on Islamic extremism.

Maher agreed that many liberals aren’t helping the issue of Islamic extremism by refusing to acknowledge it and denounce it. He argued that he’d like to see more Muslims in office so that they have a platform to speak out in defense of Western values and to stop, as Nomani put it, “selling America short.”

Nomani also brought up the left’s reaction to Trump’s election, saying that many people are just “shouting” and being hostile instead of being productive.

“Everybody recognizes that there are grievances, but it’s like, be measured in how you respond to those grievances,” MacFarlane agreed.

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