Bison Attacks, Gores, Kills Woman At Yellowstone Park

An as-yet unidentified woman from Ohio has passed away after being attacked by a bison while she was visiting Yellowstone National Park, according to multiple reports.

The National Park Service said in a statement that the woman had approached the bison on Monday morning while it was walking near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin, just north of Old Faithful. The statement said that she got within 10 feet before the animal “gored her and tossed her 10 feet into the air.”

Yellowstone guidelines are that visitors are to remain more than 25 yards (23 m) away from bison.

“Bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal. They are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans,” officials added in the statement. 

The park service also said that this is the first reported incident in 2022 of a visitor “threatening” a bison — meaning, getting too close to the animal — and the bison responding to the threat by goring the individual. 

The Grove City, Ohio woman sustained a puncture wound and other injuries after the bison launched her 10 feet into the air. Park officials said she was taken via ambulance to a hospital in Idaho where she ultimately passed away.

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  1. When I visited Yellowstone people were going right up to the Bison. One idiot was calling here bison bison. Signs are everywhere but some people think they do not mean them!

      • Some people have to inject their politics into everything.
        Like dumping their trash on public ground.

      • You people are unreal, just sad silly and unreal. You folks try way too hard. Asinine comment, simply asinine.

      • Anyone who has to put politics into a tragedy, even caused by that person it more stupid and insensitive than any person should be allowed to be. Ward & Kent, you need to stop letting the Democrats live in your head. Get a grip and quit playing politics. It makes you really look ignorant!!!

      • Oh Wardie. So clever. Trolls introduce politics into most everything including wildlife. Poor thing, are you bored?

      • That’s funny, cause I thought for sure these bison idiots are QAnon Trumpers, which promotes the extraordinary fiction that Trump was leading a war against Satan-worshiping, baby blood drinking, pedophiles and cannibals, 9/11 deniers, mass shooting deniers, Jewish space laser believers, whose leadership includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and U2’s Bono
        LOL. You blow, I’ll whistle.

  2. Bison will walk right by you so you need to make an effort to keep your distance. I used walkie-talkies to warn my husband if the buffalo were approaching him from behind.

  3. Rules don’t apply to people because the bison is a trained animal and signed a contract not to Gore anyone……

  4. If people can’t seem to understand that bison are wild and very dangerous creatures, then I don’t have any sympathy for them. I do feel bad and sorry for the families left behind. The National Park Service posts signs everywhere about keeping a safe distance from all wild animals, bison, elk, bear, etc, but some people just don’t comprehend. I’ve enjoyed Yellowstone many times, experiencing the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s my favorite park. PLEASE obey the rules when you visit to keep yourself safe and protect the wildlife.

      • I get what he means – my interpretation is the Bison are dangerous and can kill people (same for guns)when threatened, therefore we must get rid of them.

      • Read it again. Davis said that’s the “mentality” of this administration. He didn’t say Biden said it. I happen to believe he’s right.

      • He’s being sarcastic, DUH! He did not say Biden said that; he said that was the mentality of the admin.

      • Did you miss the times he’s called for a ban on the most popular and common sporting rifle? Or just a couple of days ago stated no one needs to to have large caliber weapons like the 9mm. Again the most common cartridge in the world. He further implied that only .22 caliber firearms should be allowed. I guess you missed his rhetoric on guns for the last few years.

      • You people are unreal, just sad silly and unreal. You folks try way too hard. Asinine comment, simply asinine.

    • Military-trained sharpshooter, gun lover and former republican here. Leave the bison alone. The woman earned her Darwin award for being foolish and not respecting God’s animals. And leave Biden alone. He has more cahoonas and smarts than any of the pansy GOP guys who are nothing more than spineless jellyfish when it comes to keeping guns out of the hands of the violent and mentally unstable.

      • Thank you Kat. Also a lifelong GOP that has NO ISSUE with making guns unavailable to anyone under the age of 18. If they can’t be trusted to drink responsibly (or smoke a cigarette), WTH would be let them own a gun? And assault rifles are NOT hunting guns people. Most of us gun owners BELIEVE that Congress should get off their lazy asses, esp. the GOP hold outs. They’re okay with regulating my body but not a deadly weapon and who has one? Want a gun? Get a background check done AND take an education (both in class and at the range) And IF I HAVE TO WAIT AND COME BACK 3 DAYS LATER FOR AN ABORTION WTH CAN’T YOU COME BACK AND GET YOUR GUN 3 DAYSLATER AFTER YOU’VE BEEN CHECKED OUT?

    • Um, he did not say he would get rid of Guns! just common sense background checks and no weapons of war on the streets. You just want it to be true…why?

  5. The bison are wild animals, it astounds me how stupid people can be. I feel sorry for her family, she should have known better.

    • Agreed. Animal is just acting according to his nature. The woman….major poor judgement, not the bison’s fault.

  6. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, I recall reports of people trying to get a photo of a bear holding their babies.
    I don’t recall the outcomes, though…

  7. This was unfortunate, but clearly her own fault. People are so removed from nature, that they think they can treat wild animals the same as domesticated ones. They can now add that she died , because of her own stupidity to her tombstone.

  8. Team bison. There are signs everywhere warning against this, but there’s only so much you can do to protect stupid people from themselves.

  9. I know someone who raises bison for slaughter and he was around them all the time. One time while he was in the pasture putting hay out, he wasn’t paying attention and was gored through the thigh. He laid out there for some time till his wife saw him and called for help. He survived, but lost a lot of blood and took a long time to recover. If “tame” bison will do that, Why would anyone think the wild ones would not?

  10. Am hoping they do not blame the Bison. People put themselves in danger by not following the warning signs. To many animals are put down because of humans.

  11. I’ve been to Yellowstone a few times and couldn’t believe the chances people took with the Bison. Pure idiocy. I’ve also videotaped people getting off the pathways in the geyser fields to get a closer look. I figured I’d get lucky enough to be the one to capture the moment that their stupidity caught up with them. The warnings are posted for a reason people. Obey them so you can enjoy them and go home alive not in a box.

  12. We are living inside of a Disney culture and it’s only getting worse. If you loved The Lion King then go try petting a Lion. Americans have become so far removed from Reality that this situation has become deadly in so many ways figurative, literal and even, yes, politically.

  13. Please leave the bison alone and let him leave. He was minding his own business, but people can be so ignorant, foolish and narcissistic that they fail to respect God’s beings.

  14. We Tennesseans see the same thing with folks and black bear in the Great Smokies National Park! Trying to get as close as possible to mama bear and her cubs for the “perfect” selfie or photo…As my daughter would say, “you can’t cure stupid.”

  15. There is such a huge disconnect that exists in our country when it comes to understanding our Natural world and the animals in it. If this stupid woman cared to learn a bit about this creature prior to harassing it, she would have known not to get that close or to incite it into doing what a Bison does when it feels threatened. It acted exactly the way that its DNA told it to act. I hate to say she got what she deserved, because no one really deserves a death like what she got, but really, actions do have consequences. In this world where we expect everything to be made ‘safe’ for us, this kind of crap is going to happen. Respect the nature of the animal, and give it the space to exist, and these incidences will not happen.

  16. I’ve only seen bison in the zoo. They are huge formidable wild animals and can run faster than humans. Why on earth would you get close to one like 10’ unless you are suicidal or crazy. It is still sad that someone lost their life through stupidity.

  17. My husband and I stopped several years ago to have a picnic lunch in an area of Yellowstone. We saw a Bison walking into our clearing and we both got up slowly and walked to an area where we could put s couple of trees between us and the animal. The bison basically ignored us and just walked on through the area to wherever it was going. Whew. On that same trip we had to stop our car on the road as two bison were pushing each other in the middle of the road. This went on for some time before we felt they were far enough at the edge of the road for us to safely drive past. I love wild animals but we must respect them as “wild animals”.

  18. Don’t blame the Bison! People are supposed to be smart enough not to get too close or crowd them. They have to protect themselves against all kinds of “wild” threats,m now to include wolves re-implanted by humans.

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