Body Cam Footage Reveals Police Let Sean Bickings Drown In Front of Them

In a tragic and horrific incident May 28, a 34-yr-old Arizona man, Sean Bickings, drowned in front of a group of officers as they looked on. Bodycam footage was released and three officers have been put on “non-disciplinary paid administrative leave.”

According to reports, Sean Bickings drowned in Tempe Town Lake after telling the officers he was “going to drown.”

Bickings, who has been described as homeless, was allegedly arguing with his girlfriend in the city center. The police were called and the couple “cooperated fully and denied that any physical argument had taken place,” according to a city report.

But even though the couple was cooperating, the police started looking for outstanding warrants. Bickings decided to hop a metal fence and jumped into the lake, saying he was going for a swim.

The cops told Bickings that swimming there was forbidden but he kept moving towards a bridge. That’s when the story becomes absolutely horrific.

It’s also when the bodycam footage stops, due to its sensitive and graphic nature. But the audio was released.

Bickings warns that he was about to drown but a cop is heard saying, “I’m not jumping in after you.”

The girlfriend starts panicking and repeatedly asks the cops to help her partner. “He’s drowning right in front of you, and you won’t help,” she says. The cops try to calm her down and claim they’re requesting a boat rescue.

Soon after, Sean Bickings submerges completely and never comes up.

The Tempe Officers Association state that because officers are not trained in water rescue, nor do they possess water rescue equipment, there was no protocol to save Bickings.

The incident has sparked a public outcry.

The three unnamed officers are on paid leave while the neighboring Scottsdale Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety review the incident.

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  1. In light of the evidence these officers are no longer and officer they have violated they’re oath to protect and serve Unbecoming an officer

  2. In light of the evidence these officers are no longer officers they have violated their oath of Duty Unbecoming an officer to protect and serve

  3. How did they not protect? They are wearing heavy equipment. Why should they jump in to drown because this guy wanted to drown.

  4. I think that at least one of the officers should have taken off his heavy gear and at least tried to save him ,while maybe the other two could have assisted from the top

    • killing yourself is murder. it is against the law. it is the SWORN DUTY of cops to do everything within their power to stop suicides. SUICIDE IS AGAINST THE LAW! YOUR TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR POLICE TO UPHOLD THE LAW.. NOT STAND BY AND WITNESS LAWS BEING BROKEN THAT CAUSE DEATH… try education please…

      • Try educating yourself. A person, whether an officer or not that is not trained in rescue swimming or water rescues becomes an additional liability when they get into the water. When a person begins to drown, they panic and start grabbing and pulling on anything in their grasp. A person who is not trained and tries to save a drowning person can easily be drowned themself. How about holding the person accountable for themselves that chose to make a decision to swim when they were not a strong swimmer?

      • Then why don’t the unseccesful ones get a charge of attempted murder? It’s not quite the same thing as someone taking another’s life.

  5. Like the article says they were not trained in water rescue. Fun fact if officers aren’t trained in cpr or first aid. They will watch you die until emt’s arrive.

    • My son is a police officer. Couple yrs into his career as a very young officer, he saved a man’s life prior to emt arrival by giving him cpr. Not ‘all’ cops just stand by!

  6. These are police officer dressed in full body gear. On top of that, they’re officers, not life guards. If you jump in the water to try and escape your past sins, then you’re on your own. Why should an officer risk his life because you’re a jackass that’s watched too much Cops on tv? They did the correct thing.

  7. The comments that police let this fool drown are ignorant. He chose his fate even after they told him not to jump.

  8. Then why don’t the unseccesful ones get a charge of attempted murder? It’s not quite the same thing as someone taking another’s life.

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