‘Bomb Cyclone’ Storm Set to Hit More Than 50 Million People This Christmas

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The National Weather Service is issuing warnings to the public as extreme weather is coming. An arctic storm could put many people’s lives in jeopardy this Christmas. The “Bomb Cyclone” will bring in unseasonably cold temperatures, freezing rain, and wind chills to over 50 million people. Wind chill temperatures could cause frostbite in a matter of minutes.

Arctic Cold Front, Bomb Cyclone to Bring Sudden, Life-Threatening Weather Patterns to Over 50 Million People

The warnings were specifically issued to average from December 22 to December 24 as arctic air travels across the US.

“Powerful winter storm to produce a multitude of weather hazards across the central and eastern United States through the end of the week,” wrote the National Weather Service. Particularly, experts are worried about the wind chill. “Bitter cold and life-threatening wind chills over the northern Plains to surge southward this evening and swing towards the East Coast on Friday…”

Temperatures across the Midwest and East Coast will drop into the teens. But added wind chill will be -20 to -30 degrees F at minimum. Weather forecasters are warning that some places may see a wind chill of -40 degrees. Some places may see wind chill temps as low as -70 degrees.

At -70, expect pipes to freeze and a high chance of power outages. Experts are warning Americans to prepare ahead of time, both at home and for any necessary outdoor excursions.

Temperatures may drop as much as 30-40 degrees in a matter of mere hours. This means that everyone in the affected zones should bring many extra layers when going anywhere over the weekend. This certainly applies to children, who may not know that they need to cover all of their skin in order to prevent frostbite.

Further, even the normally balmy Sunshine State of Florida will see unseasonably cold temperatures, which are expected to dip to 27 degrees or even lower on Friday and Saturday nights.

“The upcoming Arctic outbreak across Central US is going to be the real deal,” tweeted climate Scientist Daniel Swain. “Temperatures will likely rival anything seen in 30 years (or even longer!) across portions of the Central Plains.”

Stay Home if Possible, Make Sure Children Are Properly Dressed

The National Weather Service is advising everyone to limit their holiday travel as much as possible. Black ice, white-out snowfall conditions, and bitter cold could become life-threatening hazards.

“Some of the parameters of this intense storm are climatologically ‘off the charts’,” said the National Weather Service of the anticipated bomb cyclone. NWS added that this is a “once-in-a-generation” and “high-end, life-threatening” event.

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