Joey Feek’s final words will crush your heart but soothe your soul

We always thought there was still time for a miracle. We assumed that somehow Joey Feek would wake up on a morning in March and look out her window and feel better. Her dear husband would take her to the doctor, and he would say that something amazing had happened and the cancer was gone.

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That’s how fairy tales are supposed to end, aren’t they?

But this fairy tale looks like it won’t have a happy ending after all, as Rory Feek announced via their blog, This Life I Live, on Feb. 29 that Joey is now in a “deep sleep” and ‘”only has a few days” left.

And once again, we are cruelly reminded that sometime fairy tales aren’t meant to have happy endings.

Sometimes, fairy tales are purely meant to teach us something.

And this fairy tale has taught us a lot, right down to it’s final words.

“One of the last things Joey said before she drifted into the deep sleep she’s been in for a few days now is, ‘I have no regrets… I can honestly say, that I have done everything I wanted to do and lived the life I always wanted to live,” Rory wrote in his Feb. 29 blog post.

What a life you led Joey, and what a life we were lucky to witness and learn from.

Sleep tight baby girl.

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