Paul Ryan has some answers after making the decision to pull the House Republicans’ health care bill


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Videos by Rare

The House of Representatives were scheduled to vote on the American Health Care Act on Friday afternoon.

Nearly an hour before the scheduled vote, House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill. He gave a press conference shortly after the decision.

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Ryan had a simple message, saying “We came really close today, but we came up short:”

Ryan said that the bill was “flawed” and stated concerns over higher premiums.

He also said that there were enough no votes on the bill that were determined to remain unchanged.

During the question period, Ryan said that Republicans would also work on other issues where there more agreeance, but needless to say, there was still some disappointment over the day’s actions:

There was speculation that the bill was pulled at the request of either President Trump or White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, but Ryan says that he was the one to make the final suggestion:

NBC and the Washington Post’s Robert Costa shared a conversation that he had with Trump just after the decision’s enactment:

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Some days earlier, White House Press Secretary Spicer ominously warned that the Trump administration would remember “those who stood by [them]” on the AHCA. Trump himself also reportedly gave a similar warning to the Republican opposition to the bill.

A CNN source disclosed that Trump reportedly said “he will have football-stadium events in states where he won by 10-12 points, and he is going to dare people to vote against him” during a White House meeting with various Republican groups.

Following the statements, the Trump team met with the House Freedom Caucus, who had vocally opposed the AHCA alongside prominent conservative groups. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), chairman, said that the Freedom Caucus was “really trying to get to yes” with the administration on a bill that would distinguish itself from the ACA:

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