Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley Reunite 22 Years After ‘Bedazzled’

The two actors crossed paths at a screening of ‘The Whale’ that has blazed a path for Fraser’s exciting comeback this year.

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A red-carpet encounter between Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley more than 22 years after they filmed Bedazzled together is leaving fans … hmm, what’s the word for it? Amazed? Astounded? Yeah, that’s it.

The two actors crossed paths at a screening of The Whale, the new film by divisive director Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan) that has blazed a path for Fraser’s exciting comeback this year.

Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley bumped into each other a London screening of The Whale, which is sure to be Oscar bait as well, last week. Entertainment Weekly said the pair posed for a pic after the event, to which Hurley also reportedly brought her son.

Now-deceased filmmaker Harold Ramis directed the Bedazzled remake that starred Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley and hit theaters in 2000. It got a so-so reception.

To be blunter, Bedazzled actually wound up in the same heap as Fraser’s unsuccessful movies that hit theaters around the same time as his hits. These included Blast from the Past in 1999 and Monkeybone in 2001. He even starred in the little kids’ movie, Looney Tunes: Back in Action in 2003.

Brendan Fraser’s Back in (Show) Business

But more than 22 years later, it seems to say that Brendan Fraser has officially made his comeback. Despite the cancellation — or at least tabling — of the Batgirl movie in which he was set to be the villain, Fraser is still riding many other new highs.

Now, whether Fraser’s return is hot enough to fuel another installment of The Mummy starring him is yet to be seen. He told Variety that he’d “be open to it if someone came up with the right conceit.”

Whether or not another Mummy with Brendan Fraser materializes, he seems poised for at least some additional success in the near future at least.

He recently received a six-minute standing ovation at the Venice International Film Festival for his role in The Whale. Last year, he earned kudos for his performance in Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move.

Also, Martin Scorsese corralled him as part of the ensemble cast for Killers of the Flower Moon. The Western crime drama film is currently in post-production and due for release next year.

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