Brooke Shields Was Against Daughter Grier Henchy Becoming A Runway Model


Brooke Shields’ daughter Grier Hammond Henchy wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue her career paths, but Shields was initially hesitant.

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Career Paths

“The rules have changed since I was [a model],” Shields shared, “I fought it for so long. It’s such a different industry now than it was.” 

Brooke Shields, although she never pursued runway modeling, understands that her 17-year-old daughter needs thick skin if she’s interested in becoming a model.

“That’s brutal and backstage is just brutal,” the actress shared.

She has changed her mind and now given her teenager permission to go on their chosen path, but with some conditions.

“I finally had to give in and say if you’re gonna do this a.) I’m not gonna be your manager. You’re going to be with an agency. You’re going to have a great work ethic. It’s not going to be comfortable and you’re gonna listen to me,” Shields continued.

Shields also wants her daughter to pursue a path in college.

Following Dreams

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Shields, who also shares daughter Rowan Frances Henchy (20) with her husband Chris Henchy, had a unique upbringing. She was introduced to the world of fashion by her mother, Teri Shields, who unfortunately passed away in 2012.

“My mom was my manager and we were glued at the hip, which probably was how I could survive because you couldn’t get to me. She was such a mama bear and so protective. On the one hand I was very naive and on the other I was just thrown into this crazy world.”

Shields noticed that her daughter had a lot of passion and the right looks for the job, however, she was also aware that the tough industry requires one to have endurance and resilience to stay in it.

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