Brutal Video Shows Teenager With Autism Dragged and Beaten off NYC Train

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A video has gone viral depicting a young boy with autism being brutalized on a subway platform by a group of strangers. In the video, the group of brutalizers can also be heard yelling racial slurs at the victim.

Additional Details

The clip was posted to Instagram on Monday. A young lady wearing a Chicago Bulls sweater is seen pulling at the 15-year-old on the northbound A train on the 181st Street-Fort Washington Avenue station. This occurred around 5:30pm on Friday. She screams “Get off!” at the boy and yanks him from the train and back onto the platform.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

She continues to yell, “Walk! Walk!”

A male voice is caught on camera shouting the N-slur followed by the word “alert.”

The teen was seen trying to get back on the train, but the woman dragged him away before someone punched him in the face, which prompted a flurry of punches from the group. His glasses were ripped off and he threw a few punches in self-defense as someone shouted, “Fight back!”

The boy was hit numerous times in the head and face, leading to a cut on his lip, according to the NYPD 34th Precinct’s Facebook post, along with a picture of three suspects who appear to be teenagers.


Snapshot from clip

The victim didn’t know the people that attacked him. According to authorities, the Hate Crime Task has been made aware of the incident because of the slurs used during the assault.

No arrests have been made as of recently. The mother of the victim chose to keep her and her son’s identify classified for safety reasons.

“It’s the first time it hit me — like it hit me directly,” she shared. “I always see it happen to other people. I never see it happen to me in my household.”

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