Builder Shares Why You Should Always Wear Safety Goggles After Crazy Accident

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Brad Morrison, an Australian builder who works with power tools, just shared the most terrifying TikTok video. While working, a large piece of the blade on his angle grinder snapped off and flew right at his eyes. The blade wedged itself into his goggles, barely missing his eye and head.

The freak accident has people’s jaws dropping everywhere. The shard stopped less than a cm from Brad Morrison’s eye.

“F***ing-O,” he exclaimed. “I guess this is why you wear safety glasses, ay?”

Brad Morrison Garnered 8.5 Million Views In 2 Days.

The comments are a mix of absolute shock, awe, and incredulousness. The people who are taking this video as a lesson as to why it’s important to wear safety gear told Brad Morrison he’d just experienced divine luck.

“Go and buy a lottery ticket.”

“[Yo]u have got angels watching over you pal”

“And now we know that glasses really protect you. That was hardcore.”

“This is a new level of fear.”

“I wear a face shield with zip discs. They explode too easy. I just bought one that clips on my hard hat. Pops off when I don’t need it.”

“The amount of people who don’t realize certain discs have use by dates on them, check for it guys, could be serious one day.”

“This should be an advert.”

“Bro had god on his side.”

“Them small 1mm ones are lethal for breaking like that…”

PSA: Film After Working With Power Tools, Not During

Those who weren’t buying it were claiming that Brad Morrison somehow wedged the shard into his own goggles. This might be because he didn’t film the actual moment of propulsion and insertion—but of course, he didn’t. He was working with a saw, folks. You don’t film yourself working with a saw for a TikTok video.

You do, however, share with the world when something like this happens. Remember to always wear safety gear when working with power tools. It could save your life.

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