On the campaign trail, Donald Trump called NAFTA the North American Free Trade Agreement one of the “worst trade deals ever signed.” He blamed the agreement for dismantling American manufacturing, arguing that politicians and businesspeople had sold out American workers in pursuit of trade.

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Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton’s signing of NAFTA and her own advocacy for the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the campaign trail.

Now, it appears that Trump is about to make good on his promise to pull out of NAFTA. Sources to Politico say that Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, head of Trump’s trade council, have drafted an executive order to withdraw from NAFTA. It’s now in the “final stages of review” and could be signed by Trump as early as this week.

Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership earlier in his presidency.

The news comes as Trump’s first 100 days come to a close, a period of time that saw a wholesale dismantling of North American cooperation on diplomatic and trade issues. Just yesterday, Trump said Canadians had “outsmarted our politicians for years” as his administration slapped new tariffs on Canadian lumber and dairy products.

This week, Trump backed down from including funding for his Mexican border wall, which the United States is apparently paying for, in the budget agreement needed by the end of this week. He has promised the wall will be built during his “first term.”

Nah-FTA: The Trump administration is said to be preparing to break from the landmark trade deal Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images
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