It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in September, and Target is saying that its customers are not happy about it.

So the retail giant says it’s taking a step back on Christmas promotions and allowing Thanksgiving to take the spotlight.

Shoppers will see Thanksgiving signs and displays in stores, and ads will focus on the big dinner prep and entertaining, The Associated Press reported.

Target will also be adjusting how it promotes holiday sales.

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Instead of “Ten Days of Deals” like it did for the past two years, it will offer deals on the weekends starting on Nov. 11, because customers visit the stores more on the weekends than weekdays.

Target is also offering an online GiftNow button: the shopper can click and send an e-gift, and the receiver can adjust the size or color, or even choose something different, before the gift is shipped, The AP reported.

The box store is also starting to follow in Walmart’s retail footsteps by offering curbside pickup at 50 Minneapolis-area stores. Target will not deliver groceries to your vehicle like Walmart or grocery stores but will instead focus on toys and electronics.

Walmart offers curbside pickup for shoppers who load their carts online. But it offers groceries, as well as seasonal items. Walmart officials said they will double the number of participating stores in 2018.

Target is putting Christmas back in December after customer complaints AP Photo/Chris O'Meara