Today in nonsense: Whole Foods’ “Produce Butcher” will do this depressingly simple task for you Instagram/@wholefoods

Your mother told you to eat your vegetables, and a New York City Whole Foods location is hoping you’re too busy (or clumsy?) to cut them on your own, according to Foodbeast.

They’ve unveiled a “Produce Butcher” (look at the sign, this is really happening) at their newest location near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan. Whole Foods says it is their 468th store and the 9th Whole Foods location in New York City alone.

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For the price of $1 per packaged item or $1 per pound, a real person expressly hired to cut your vegetables for you will do just that, in any way you want. Dice? Mince? Rough chop? Nothing’s off the table.

Whole Foods is betting that customers at the Bryant Park location will splurge on luxury options, and often. The same store boasts three full-service restaurants serving “Detroit-style deep dish” pizza, lobster rolls, oyster towers and “Turkish-style artisanal bread.”

They also boast of a “#toast venue,” whatever that is.

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