Catholic School Teacher Caught Doing Nazi Salute While Teaching

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One of the first rules of teaching is likely to not be a Nazi.

At least, that’s very clearly a rule in Brazil, where an 11th-grade teacher at a Catholic school was canned for doing a Nazi salute. And needless to say, it was captured on video.

The teacher, Josete Biral, was standing behind her desk in front of the classroom at Holy Family School when she made the gesture, which signifies respect for no less than Adolf Hitler.

For whatever reason, she saluted a student who was walking away from her desk. Despite not knowing the context, the school decided to release her.

Catholic Teacher Caught Doing Nazi Salute While Teaching

Biral said the salute was taken out of context — and that she’s not really a Nazi. In fact, she doesn’t even condone Nazism, her attorney told the Daily Mail.

As an aside, the Brazilian national anthem was playing at the time she made the gesture.

The school admittedly didn’t learn of Biral’s action until after the video had gone viral. She had been teaching at Holy Family for about 10 years, per reports.

“It was certainly an act of imprudence on the part of the teacher and the school has already taken the first internal measures with her according to what our regiment says,” Holy Family School director Sister Edites Bet said, via the Daily Mail.

Along with all that, the Hitler salute is a crime in Brazil and can result in a prison sentence.

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