The video that a Texas woman recorded of a brawl over chicken McNuggets at an Indiana McDonald’s is going viral.

The fast-food battle royale happened at around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning at a McDonald’s in Indianapolis when Monique McNeely was waiting for her food in the drive-thru. She says that all she wanted was a coffee and a snack for her daughter. What she got was a video of a group of people with behavior so nasty, they should be banned from ordering a “Happy Meal.”

McNeely says she had just placed her order when she “saw two girls just dive through the drive-through window.” “Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video,” she told the Indianapolis Star.

McNeely and her daughter were in Indiana for a band competition, and she says that at some moments, she was a bit afraid, telling the Star, “I was worried that they were going to see me. If you see the video, you can see me trying to hide behind the wheel. There was a point where I knew they saw me, but then they just got back in their car and drove off.”

She didn’t think too much about the incident and drove back to the hotel where she posted the videos on Facebook. But, the next morning, her phone refused to stop rumbling across the nightstand as people called and texted, trying to find out about her early-morning run-in with the McNugget maulers.

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The manager at the restaurant told WISH-TV that the woman pulled up at the second window and argued that they ordered 10 McNuggets — not four as they were given. When he showed them the receipt, proving that they only ordered a four-piece, one of them leaped through the window and fists started flying.

Thankfully, the manager escaped the incident unscathed, but the women did manage to knock over a pot of tea and break the tablet register. It’s hard to make out exactly what’s going on in the videos, but you can clearly see the women climbing out of the window and hurling threats at the workers inside.

At one point in the video, McNeely was able to capture the license plate of the car that the women were driving. However, police have not announced any charges.

It is unclear how many McNuggets the suspects managed to get away with.

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