A 15-year-old who was caught stealing candy at a Vancouver, Washington, grocery store was manhandled by the store’s “loss prevention team.” She was put in a headlock and dragged back into the store screaming.

The entire incident was caught on camera.

The girl, her knees bleeding, is heard on the video crying, “Please stop,” as she gets wrangled to the ground by the WinCo Foods employees. Meanwhile, store customers can be heard in the background yelling at the employees to stop.

The person recording the scene asked the girl, who was struggling to free herself from the two employees, what she stole. “Candy,” the girl said.

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The employees dragged her into the store, each holding one of the girl’s arms. One of the employees shouts, “On your feet!” as customers scream at the employees.

Police arrive on the scene, and soon after, the person recording the incident stops.

The shoplifter was taken to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with second-degree robbery, a felony. Police said the charge stemmed from the girl’s alleged resistance to employees’ attempts to keep her on the premises.

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WinCo issued a statement to KTVB, saying the company is investigating the incident but said that the 15-year-old girl “initiated physical contact by physically attacking multiple employees” before the video starts.

The video footage was uploaded July 8 and begins in the store’s parking lot. At its start, a loss prevention employee wearing a camouflage patterned baseball cap grabs the girl beneath her armpits, while another employee keeps shouting customers at bay.

The statement continued: “While in our store, the individual concealed items and left the store without paying. The individual was then approached by WinCo Foods’ loss prevention employees, who identified themselves as such. As our employees questioned the individual, she attempted to flee and was detained by WinCo’s loss prevention. At this point, the individual initiated contact by physically attacking multiple employees. All of this occurred immediately before the footage started in the video posted on social media.”